Can anyone advise on container gardening for tomato plants?

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redneckwoman822 asks: Can anyone give me advice on container gardening for tomato plants?
I live in Illinois and I love home grown tomatoes. I don’t have the yard for a garden and would like to try growing them in a container. I’ve tried it in the past without good results and I’m hoping somone will have some good advice to get me started this year.

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Answer by Aj~
i know what u mean… i did alright but had major problems w/ tom. worms. This year i found at Home Depot & Walmart.. patio tomatoes.. We have 3 & they r doing really well & so far ( knock on wood) no worms. ( i keep a close eye) we even have a tom. starting so we r excited. I hate store bought tom. They jst don’t taste the same.

I have them in 12″ pots & they bush tom.. Golliath… in partical sun. I live in heat.. 115o & i keep them watered every day & sometimes twice. If they look wilted i’ll move more in the shade more for the day. But so far so good. I’ve had them 30day & less. ( my pup ate the other one so we had to move them UP on a table) I planted them in Miracle Grow Gardening Soil that has feeding in them plus i jst bought some continuous feeding food as well.

I hope u can get some now b/c the season is almost gone for garden plants. They need to b in the ground or pots rt during after Memorial day.. ( i had a hard time finding to replace after the pup ate them but finally did ) So run & ck u’r garden spots.

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  1. one of those wooden barrels sold at places like wal-mart and places like that are good. Or any very large flower pot. Use that and miracle grow soil and they will grow wonderfully.

  2. add a little lime to your soil also try containers that reflect heat also make sure it has proper least five gallon buckets

  3. If you smoke, wash your hands prior to touching/pruning your tomato plants. It is also a good idea to change tobacco smelling linens to avoid the Tobacco Mosiac Virus. To avoid worms, you can plant/place your tomatoes near cabbage. You can also pot your tomatoes using sand at the bottom of the container. I agree with the suggestion of using lime juice in the soil. Give them lots of light and heat. Good Luck.

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