Can starting a vegetable garden attract vermin?

Fray asks: Can starting a vegetable garden attract vermin?
My sister and I are planning on planting a small vegetable garden in our yard, so far we know what to do to get rid of grass and such. But we’re worried about attracting vermin, we have a lot of mice and possum in the the summer as well as birds. The city just shut down it’s program for keeping the city free of rats and mice… and we just got rid of an infestation of mice in our house. Would this be inviting the vermin into our yard and possibly our house?

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Answer by sojournsoul
Rabbits are the only thing that messes with my garden. I’ve never heard of anybody concerned about mice because of gardening. That would be new to me.

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  1. no,of course not just be sure to keep it clean birds are another matter if you have birds you can try a homemade scarecrow,in any event the benefits from a home garden far outweigh and inconveniences! good luck

  2. you trash can will attract vermin
    the cat bowl next door will attract vermin
    the candy wrapper that blew in your yard from down the street will attract vermin
    Quit making barriers for yourself !
    that is a bad habit to have in life
    get out there and plant that garden

  3. I don’t know that gardens attract vermin, although I never minded birds in the garden (well, the blue jays a little, but they entertain me, too). The best way to keep vermin out of your house is to stuff steel wool in all of the openings. All kinds of life lives in a garden, but I never heard that they attract more vermin than anywhere else that’s watered and fertilized intensively.

  4. Rabbits and ground hogs are attracted, but I never heard of rats or mice except with garbage. We have possums but I have never known them to be in the garden. Raccoons like corn. Deer are attracted, too. Birds can be very beneficial, eating the insects and caterpillars that eat your veggies.

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