Flower Garden

Flower Garden

A garden is a space set aside, usually in the outdoors for display of plants, flowers or vegetables. A garden can also be for relaxation and enjoyment especially if it has well manicured grass and bushes. The design depends on the desired needs and the landscape shape. This may be done by the owner or professionally by garden designers. The art of gardening dates back to renaissance period with people like the French, English and the Japanese having different designs corresponding to their culture. Most of the renaissance gardens were developed in ruling families such as queens or kings and rich families.

Garden can support different purposes and thus will have different names. A vegetable garden just like the name suggests is used to grow vegetables for home use or for sale. Vegetable gardens are also known as kitchen gardens. Vegetable gardens often are also used to grow fruits, herbs and flowers. An exclusive flower garden is one where flowers are grown for decorative purposes. A rock garden is a type of garden that features use of rocks and stones extensively. It is also known as an alpine garden. The plants grown on rock garden are those native to rocky areas. These are normally small species plants that cover or creep on the rocks.


Garden furniture

Gardens can often contain furniture especially if they are used for relaxation and enjoyment. Garden furniture may be made from natural material or plastic that depicts the natural look. These can be garden chairs, tables, benches, beds, sinks and garden shed. The garden shed is a structure used to store garden tools. The garden furniture should be of durable material and one that is easy to clean. Other accessories are also found in the garden such as swings and umbrellas.

Garden plants

Garden plants can be perennial, annual, climbers or those that live for a few months then wither off. Care is required for these plants because they can be attacked by diseases and parasites. Plants chosen to be planted in the garden should be selected carefully to make sure poisonous varieties are not selected. Toxic plants may be dangerous especially if children and pets will be using the gardens. Some of the garden plants may have useful properties such as medicinal value, cosmetic or even as food products. Some of the garden plants are flowers such as; camellia, lavender, azalea, hibiscus, peony, the weigelia and the cyads. These flowers can be used as Christmas decorations. Garden trees examples include; olive tree, laurel, mimosa, cedar of Lebanon, hackberry, maple, the plum, silver fir, lime, cypress and the poplar tree. These trees can be used as ornamental or as hedges of the garden. They vary depending on the climate of the region therefore one needs to know which tree will best thrive in a specificclimate.

To keep the garden top-notch, frequent pruning is required. Various gardening tools will help perform this duty. There are tools for digging up the soil, mowing, for pruning and sweeping any dirt from the garden. Maintaining the garden may also need constant irrigation to keep the plants alive.

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