Garden Arbors — Easily Enhance Any Yard or Garden

Garden Arbors — Easily Enhance Any Yard or Garden

If you enjoy backyard gardening or landscaping, no doubt you spend quite a bit of time working in the yard every week.  Planting, tending, and weeding the garden beds can be time consuming, but the lovely results make it all worthwhile.  Increasingly, many homeowners are choosing to add decorative elements to yards and gardens to further enhance their outdoor spaces.  are just one example.  Garden arbors are structures, often made of wood or metal, which provide a charming focal point in a backyard or garden.  They give you the opportunity to create an appealing entry or gateway to a garden retreat or quiet backyard corner.  Garden arbors are an easy and economical way to smarten up a yard or draw the eye to a carefully tended garden.

Most garden arbors consist of side panels that double as a trellis for vines and climbing plants.  The tops of garden arbors greatly vary — some feature decorative arches while others have flat, pergola-style tops.  Together, side panels and tops are available in a number of styles to complement different gardens and personal tastes.  For instance, garden arbors can bring an Asian, Moroccan, or Mediterranean flavor to gardens, but they can also bring traditional charm.  Many garden arbors offer the addition of a gate or a bench.  Garden arbors that feature benches make cozy private retreats; just add a comfortable seat cushion and throw pillows made with waterproof fabrics, and you can relax while enjoying the beauty of the garden. 

Before choosing from the many garden arbors available, be sure to measure the width of the path or area where the arbor will be placed to ensure that the garden arbor you prefer is not too narrow or too wide.  One particularly nice feature available in some garden arbors is the ability to adjust the arbor’s width to best fit the desired spot where the arbor will be placed.  Yet another nice feature to look for in garden arbors are concrete anchors that allow you to fasten the structure to the ground and prevent it from being accidentally overturned or blown over by heavy weather.

Most garden arbors are made using metal or wood.  Metal garden arbors often feature decorative scroll work or other unique designs along the side panels.  When choosing from the variety of metal garden arbors, look for durable rust-free cast iron construction.  Alternatively, wood garden arbors bring a warm, natural element to gardens.  When selecting one of the available wood garden arbors, look for quality wood, such as western red cedar or eucalyptus wood.  Both western red cedar and eucalyptus are hardy woods that are naturally moisture and insect resistant, and they continue to look good over time with very little upkeep required.  Whether you choose metal or wood, look for garden arbors that are built strongly so that the weight of heavy vines and greenery growing up the side panels and over the top are well supported.

In short, garden arbors add a decorative as well as practical element to yards and gardens.  They allow you to expand your garden upward, and they create a focal point that draws the eye toward a particular area of interest.  Garden arbors are proving to be an inexpensive and easy way to further beautify the look of any outdoor space.

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