Garden Designers For English Gardens: Offering You Choices For English Garden Designs

Garden Designers For English Gardens: Offering You Choices For English Garden Designs

Do you happen to be specifically looking for garden designers for English gardens? Well, if you are, then this article is meant for you. An English garden, as you already know is simply a garden that is made to appear as if it was in England! The typical English-themed backyards are those that give the look of a cottage garden filled with flowers or perhaps the looks of a formal estate backyard. Since designing one can be fairly easy on a small scale, you can actually design your English garden yourself. Do be aware that if you employ someone who has great knowledge in this are then the finsihed result will be much better. If you have the money to spend, it will be best to hire the services of a good garden designer – one who is deemed an authority in English gardens would be the best prospect.

Choosing The Perfect Garden Designer
Two ways by which you can pin down the English garden designer you need is through; first, asking your relatives, family and peers for referrals. If you do not get any; or perhaps the referrals you got did not suit you, then there is always the option of checking out the countless websites online that cater services for garden designing. One of them may just be the garden designer you are looking for. Otherwise, you may just decide to do the designing yourself.  But then before you decide to DIY, find below some garden designs that your chosen garden designer may recommend to you. Pick the one that will most suit your needs, preference and taste. That way, you will have your money’s worth in the end.

1. The Formal Look
There are different looks of an English garden and one of which is that of the “formal” design. Keep in mind that maintaining this kind of garden is not easy on the budget. In fact, it is known to be a garden quite expensive to maintain. For one, you can expect that you will often need to put in various fixtures such as a gazebo, a pathway, stone walls and archways, fencing and a lot others to enhance the looks of your garden.  Do not forget putting a fountain or water feature near or in the center of your garden area which is distinct of English garden designs.

2. The Informal Look
On the other hand, you can also try going for the informal English garden design which is about filling your backyard with flowers and shrubs planted close together. Likewise, you may try adding one or two traditional wooden benches to create an inviting, homely and calming ambience not just for your family but also for your guests and family friends. One thing good about these benches is that you present the practicality of having comfortable seat in your garden while at the same time exuding a touch of that ‘welcoming home’ feel.

3. The “Flower-Filled” Look
Another design you may adopt for your garden would be filling your backyard with loads and loads of flowers. You may not know it, but English gardens are actually known for being very verdant and crammed to the top with different kinds of flowers. Try looking for some plants as well which you can plant close to each other – another distinct characteristic of the English garden.

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