Garden Landscaping in Sussex

Garden Landscaping in Sussex

Sussex and its abundance of beautiful gardens offer a wide variety of the stunning plant life, flowers and landscapes of this country. Many are available to explore as they are open to the public. Garden landscaping in Sussex has been a popular pastime for many centuries and derives from the rich wealthy aristocrats who wanted exquisite designs in their vast, unique gardens.  

The caretakers and gardeners take care of them today and their individual and mutual visions as well as the adoration of plants helps keep these incredible attractions in tip-top condition. Each has been prudently planned and fashioned to reflect the personal interests of the house or owners and to maintain an element of historical integrity. Some reflect times gone by, some reflect the nature of the surrounding landscape and some reflect the region of Sussex. All are worth visiting as the Sussex gardens are really exclusive assets to the region that are never the same twice in one season.

For those with an avid interest for history as well as garden landscaping in Sussex, Waltham Abbey Gardens are the picture-perfect choice for visiting for landscaping and gardening inspiration. Boasting the stunning remains of the last Abbey to be dissolved by Henry VIII and also speculated to be the site of King Harold Godwinson’s grave who was killed in the battle of 1066 by William the Conqueror’s army. The serene gardens and landscapes are also home Dragonfly Sanctuary. The gardens offer the prospect of taking part in a number of walks around the many pools and lakes – a sanctuary for many species of birds.

Gardens such as this one at Waltham Abbey are great inspiration for amateur gardens and professional gardeners and landscapers. If you want to attain a traditional, historic theme within your garden space then gardens like these in Sussex are great inspirations that lead the way for innovative and unique contemporary designs. You can also find excellent examples of garden landscaping in Sussex at Wakehurst Place, which has over 200 acres of landscaped and formal gardens home to many exotic and rare plants and shrubs. Inspiration also lies within Sheffield Park, an 18th century garden that was actually landscaped by Capability Brown. Featured here are wonderful water cascades that link together the five lakes and superb examples of garden landscaping. These historical sites, carefully maintained by associations provide great insight and inspiration for personal projects and professional endeavour’s. So be sure to visit such places if you are considering garden landscaping as regions like Sussex have lots to offer. 

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