Garden Sculptures and Statues

Garden Sculptures and Statues

Garden sculptures and statues can help to enhance any garden area, and complete the overall look that a home owner is trying to achieve. There are many different sculptures to choose from depending on the taste of the individual.  Typically you will find numerous plants, trees, and shrubs in the garden, however, people now want more. Garden sculpture has become very popular, and knowing what to choose can be daunting.

No matter what size the garden is, having a center piece is the perfect way to complete the overall look of the outside space.  Garden sculptures and statues can be found in several different materials, and whatever one is chosen will need to compliment the remaining elements of the garden.  Having the right garden sculpture will enhance the area. However, having the wrong sculpture can make the garden look garish.

Garden sculptures and statues can come in a huge range of different designs, and there is very little that hasn’t been produced. Popular styles of garden sculpture include Greek statues, hard carved gargoyles, and striking metal masterpieces. Whether the home owner wants to play it safe with ornamental bird baths and planters, or be extravagant with their taste there is something for everyone.


When choosing the right garden sculpture there are several things that need to be considered. The purchaser should look at the size of the garden, and the overall design. Not all gardens will suit elaborate and impressive garden sculptures and statues. Some will look better with smaller, more subtle pieces that will enhance the existing features.

If the wrong garden sculpture is chosen it will detract from the beauty intended, and it will sit uncomfortably in the garden.  The overall theme of the garden can be chosen first before any garden sculptures and statues are bought and placed. If the garden is traditional in style and theme, placing a very modern garden sculpture may be a bad choice.

Often garden sculptures and statues are placed to highlight a specific area, or feature of the garden.  If a water feature is in a dominant area, having a garden sculpture that enhances it is ideal, however, placing something like a huge Buddha will look strange.  Every element of the garden has to be considered, and it should flow naturally from one area to the next. If the garden sculptures and statues are too large they may diminish the natural beauty of the garden.

Often the size of the garden sculpture or statue is the biggest mistake that is made, as far too many times the garden sculptures are not in proportion to the size of the garden.  Another common mistake is to place too many garden sculptures and statues in the area. The garden can quickly become a show room for all of the statues rather than a tranquil garden with some carefully placed garden sculptures.

Although better quality garden sculptures and statues will cost more, they will look better, and last longer. The statues may need to stand in the garden throughout the whole year and withstand all weather conditions.  Taking the time to purchase the correct garden sculptures and statues will ensure that in many years to come the statues will be standing proudly in the garden.


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