Garden Tips for Spring ? Getting Ready for Spring

Garden Tips for Spring ? Getting Ready for Spring

After such a harsh winter, many of us have been left with our gardens in a terrible state. Clearing up and getting ready for spring is something many gardeners are forced to do each year but it is a good opportunity to think of green ways you can get rid of the waste and tidy up the garden.

Throughout the year, much of the waste we dispose of in the garden, we simply throw in the waste bin, but much of the leaves, much, branches and grass clippings can be really useful.

One way of getting rid of gardening waste is to compost it. Composting is incredibly easy to do and both gets rids of waste and provides you with plant feed which can last throughout the year.

Almost anything can be composted from garden waste to scraps from the kitchen and composters are not expensive and as they help to keep the garden clean.


For those with trees and fallen branches in the garden, you should consider burning them on the fire, if you have one. Firewood can produce heat for the home and is a good way of utilising old branches and twigs. And its not just branches that can be burned. If you have an open fire you can use a log maker to turn other garden and household waste into fuel.

Firewood is best seasoned before its burned, however. Seasoned wood has been naturally dried and will burn longer, producing less smoke. To season firewood, a log store is required but if you have an open fire, they can pay for themselves with the amount of free fuel they can provide.

Log stores come in various sizes and make interesting features in gardens too and are a must for those with an open fire or wood burning stove.
Waste from the garden can be useful and but providing either plant food or fuel we are ensuring we get the most from our gardens.

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