Gardening advice please……..?

Raindrop asks: Gardening advice please……..?
I have a small garden, approximately 7 feet by 1-1/2 feet that I have just planted a couple of azaleas and some heather in. I am also going to be putting in a stepping stone, and then covering the dirt with small white landscape rocks. I want to try and keep the weeds from coming up and am looking for some advice on whether it is better to use a sheet of plastic with small holes punched in it for air, or whether there is a benefit to using landscape fabric instead. Thanks!

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Answer by Mike T
Landscape fabric will be a lot easier to install and will also let rain water into the soil better than plastic will.

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  1. If you are using stone to fill your bed then i would not use and fabric but a good helping of preen or preemergent, you may find yourself weeding every once in a while 2-3 weeds, but remeber landscape fabric basically creates another area in which weeds grow just now its between the rocks and the weedmat. Plastic is not an option it does not let in correct air and water, do not use. Hope it works out, Preen the stone then water.

  2. Plastic will not let the water in and let the soil breathe. Soil is a living thing too.Use landscape fabric or newspaper. Landscape fabric lasts longer. Newspaper will have to be replaced sooner.

  3. Hello,
    There is breathable rolls of fabric like material for flower beds. It works well and you can find it at any hardware store for a reasonable price. check out
    great for the garden tips and tricks.

    Best Wishes for a lovely garden,
    Secily W.

  4. I like the fabric better, it keeps the roots healthier. if you needed to kill something near in the garden area plastic would be a better choice. Remember though in the next couple of years you will get weeds in your white rocks, some weeds do set roots in gravel. You will be weeding it the future but you can make plans and do research before that time.

  5. Is there something living under those rocks that needs air? Landscape fabric does what its supposed to do, prevent weed growth. The fabric would probably cost more so the plastic with no holes would work too.

  6. Landscape fabric is best. It breathes and lets moisture in but keeps out weeds, last a long time. Just punch a hole in it where you want to put a plant.

  7. I have fabric landscaping under my rocks and I am very pleased. You do get the occasional weed growing on top because you can’t control organic matter falling on it after you put it down, but it’s very easy to pluck out because it doesn’t get deeply rooted. Just make sure you tack it down or weigh it down real well, so it doesn’t move out of place.

  8. Dont use the Plastic. Not good for ventilation and very hard to water. Slugs love to hide under plastic. If you get weeds that arent to close to the roots of your other plants, just pour boiling water on them and a few days later they come out completely dead. Roots and all.

  9. Definitely NOT plastic sheeting . Soil , & plant roots won’t get enough air or water . You might even get the unappetizing odor of anaerobic activity . If you don’t want to spring for the fabric , use newspaper , 3-4 pages thick. Sprinkle, (or anybody else ) check this : Voila ! – problem solved! ;D

    Here’s another site , with excellent advice on everything you’d ever need to know about fabric & using it.:

  10. Land scape fabric is much better.Don’t you think plastic will pollute the garden?Besides landscape fabric is natural and plastic isn’t

  11. Do not use a plastic sheet. Your soil will sweat . Use a good quality landscape/weed depressing membrane(fabric). The weed depressing membrane isn’t expensive. Unlike plastic its very porous, it allows water to drain through but doesn’t allow weeds to puncture through. You may get the odd weed growing on the surface of the membrane but prick out very easy. Just remember to overlap the joints by about 3inch.

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