Gardening Information – Gardening With Containers

Gardening Information – Gardening With Containers

Though just about anyone given enough time could become a knowledgeable gardener, some folks don’t have a lot of space and therefore wave off the possibilities without considering what can be done with container gardening.

One key benefit of growing in containers is that you can move the plants at will and are never locked into any particular type or placement of a plant. Just as if you were to rearrange your furniture you’d consider it no trouble to move an item from one to another location. with container plants you can rearrange both outdoors and indoors as many plants require only partial sunlight. Plants add flavor and atmosphere to any room, instantly making the space cozy and inviting.

You can also use artificial lighting indoor if you like. One can adjust the soil to fit the needs of a particular plant as well as place that plant in the area most suited to it’s needs and most appealing to you. An aesthetically pleasing arrangement of containers and plants can be gathered near a window or hung from the ceiling where it will get ample light. You can use hanging plants as well as supporting columns such as milk crates or end tables to adjust the containers to different heights. With a little playing around and experimenting you will likely come up with an arrangement both unique and beautiful.

A wood step ladder can be painted decoratively and then have plants placed on each rung as well as the top to make a cascading fall of color in a corner or near a window. Accent this by having hanging baskets on either side, the possibilities are endless.  You can either use annuals that you purchase in bloom or near bloom each season or you can have perennials which will be with you year round. One gardening tip is to invert an identical pot and set your potted plant on top of the inverted one it makes a pleasing design.

There is almost always some little thing that you can do to your plants such as checking the soil for watering needs, picking off brown leaves or blossoms after they begin to brown, re-potting the plants or just talking to them if you have the time they have the time. Be sure to check the soil for dryness before you water over-watering is a common problem and many a plant has been lovingly drowned. Occasionally lift the pot up and check the drain hole to see if roots are coming out, if they are you probably need to re-pot the plant. Roots crowning above the soil can be an indicator as well. You can turn the plant over, tap the pot and pull it off the plant. If the you see a mass of roots and hardly any soil your plant is root bound an must be transplanted to a larger pot.

As your shopping for plants on the internet you should be able to access the space requirements as well as the size of container you will need for the plant.
Plastic containers are durable and long lasting, however clay pots can be quite colorfully decorated. Clay pots often cost more and break easily, something to consider when making your purchase.

Container gardening is reaching a greater appeal each year as more people discover the joys of gardening. (this is pure conjecture, but it sounds good, and hey, it could be true) The thing is if you want to have plants but don’t have a lot of space, or if you have garden outside but want some portable plants for color and atmosphere then container gardening may be a good way for you to go.

My life yield an abundant harvest of joy for you today.

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