Get a mini Zen garden for yourself and feel the change

Get a mini Zen garden for yourself and feel the change

Zen gardening is an ancient stress relief activity which brings a sense of peace and calmness to the mind. Buddhist monks introduced the concept of Zen garden in the sixth century. These Japanese gardens were especially designed for meditations. These gardens are the perfect blend of man made material and the nature itself.

The Zen gardens are created to experience tranquility. These gardens enable a person to concentrate by closing all the doors of distraction and stress of the outside world. But now, because there is a limitation of space everywhere it is a little difficult to make a Zen garden for yourself. So, mini Zen garden are nowadays being created to get the same feeling. Before learning how to make a mini Zen garden, let us see what is a Zen garden.

What is a Zen Garden?

It is a kind of Japanese garden that offers a look of a gravel which resembles flowing water, stones kept to give an appearance of a mountain and plants. All these elements are brought together to give a perfect feel of nature. Zen gardens have gained immense popularity in the United States. Creating a Zen garden is very easy as well. Moreover, it adds a unique beauty to the landscape. Maintenance of these gardens is quite simple and easy after it has taken a proper shape and structure. The word ‘Zen’ has been derived from Sanskrit which means dhayana that is, to contemplate. It is actually a school of Mahayana Buddhism that accentuates meditation for the awakening of the conscious. Zen also means ‘dry’ that means a garden that hardly requires water. So, isn’t it easy to maintain?


Zen gardens are supposed to be a good source to provide calmness to the mind, soul and body. Miniature Zen gardens play a very important role in today’s stressful world and business environment. If you want to make one for yourself then you must have a mini Zen garden kit which includes a handmade container, fine sand, bamboo rake, polished stones, figurine of various styles and colors. Apart from all these things you can also buy a complete Zen garden feng shui guide, if you wish. Now let us see how to create a mini Zen garden for yourself.

How to Make a Mini Zen Garden

Take the container and pour fine sand in it. The size of the container depends on how big a garden you want. You can even use a necklace box or a sushi tray. Decorate the small polished rocks and gravels on the sand. Make different patterns on the sand by using the bamboo rake or a forked stick. You can also make it more beautiful by placing some different shaped rocks or by keeping the Buddha figurine in the garden and giving it a more authentic look. You can make it attractive by adding some accessories mention below.

Mini Zen Garden Accessories
Mini Pavilion
Small Pavilion
Medium Rocks
Large Rocks
Rocks with Words
Decorative Marbles

Mostly Zen gardens are found near temples or near ancient cities where monks used to stay. Some of the famous places where you can find such gardens are Tokyo and Kyoto. But now you can even have one inside your home in the form of a mini Zen garden.

The Zen gardens are available in many forms like executive Zen sand garden, textured Zen sand garden, Zen dreamer sand garden, desktop Zen garden and executive walnut Zen garden. You can also make personalized Zen gardens to keep it anywhere you wish.

According to Zen and Feng Shui beliefs, every corner of the house or environment is special and deserves respect and gratitude. So, get a mini Zen garden for yourself and feel the change.

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