Gift ideas: Gifts for the Gardener

Gift ideas: Gifts for the Gardener

Hi friends, I hope everyone is enjoying this fine weather were having this summer. Get outside and let that warming sun hit you in the face. I love the summer personally! Long warm days and cool nights if your lucky.

I also really enyoy gardening and plants in general. I am an advid vegetable gardener for over 10 years. I am giving away garden tips for those like me, who love to plant ! The soil you get from your local nursery is fine, but you will need to ad a quality organic fertilizer to supply the micro-nutrients your growing plants will need.

 I use plant specific fertilizers. An example is if your planting tomatoes-you would use a 4-5-3 formula which means 4% nitrogen, 5% phosphate, and 3% potash. This is an excellent blend for promoting blooming  for tomatoes and soft fruits such as strawberries.

Gardeners like myself love plants of all types. I love Vegetable Gardening-just think you can plant something and then later have fun eating your crop!. I plant all types of vegetables tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, strawberries, collard greens and the list just keeps growing.

Planting anything begins with quality soil, whether your planting in your back yard or in containers on your patio. A good potting soil will be lite and loose with the right nutrients that are found in a mix such as  Miracle Gro. Do any of you know someone who love plants and Gardening ? I can help you find that perfect gift for that person on your shopping list. 

Garden tip: The soil is the most important part of growing anything, using containers is a way to plant flowers or vegetables if limited space is a problem. I would start out using a high quality potting soil such as Miracle Gro. It has all the proper nutrients to get you started.

There are a number of different pots that are available all colors and sizes!. I suggest using one that has enough space so that your plants roots have some room to spread out as it grows. has lots of planters for your planting needs in our Garden Accents department. Please browse our dept. and fine a planter that appeals to you. look at a few pots and planters below !
We have the garden accessories that will make any garden look good! Such as these Dragon Fly- Love garden stones. You can get a 25% Coupon Code  when you register your email address at

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