Handy Garden Tips

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by 28Gwyn

Handy Garden Tips

There are times when having a garden can be more hassle than the eventual pleasure. Gardening as many people know is labour intensive and hard work. A garden can be the biggest asset to your house, so how do you manage your garden in a time effective way?

Here are some top tips to help you get from shabby borders to swanky rockeries:

There are several downsides to having grass in your garden and many people replace it with flagstones. Although flagstones are easier to care for, they do make your garden look industrial. In my opinion there should be no more than a third of your garden which has been paved. Some patio areas add a great deal to the aesthetic nature of a garden and add a practical aspect to your outdoor space. If you do have a patio area then make sure you add a few potted plants to make the edges softer, by adding these plants you will define the area and create boundaries. They will also act as softeners for the space, instead of having a distinct juxtaposition of hard and soft ground.


If you have herbaceous borders make sure that you are prepared to do some serious weeding. It is hard work and you should be prepared to get dirty knees.

Evaluate how you want to use your garden and how it will benefit you best. Do you have lots of parties? Do your children play in the garden a lot? Do you want to grow veg or herbs for cooking? These are all the kinds of questions that you should be asking. They are all equally important and make sure you involve all the people who use your garden; they will be able to advise you.

If you do have children there are several very exciting things that you can do with your garden. Imagine the perfect garden of a ten year old boy: a tree house, a den and lots of little nooks and crannies to hide in. You can create all of this in your back garden.

If you like to cook then why not use your garden to help you cook amazing meals. Many herbs are hardy and can be planted anywhere. Bay trees can be used as borders and kept in pots on the patio. Like ornamental plants, there are annuals such as basil, coriander, and marjoram; perennials such as mint, fennel and thyme; woody perennials such as rosemary, lavender and sage; or even bulbs such as chives. Keep a few near the back door, they smell great on a hot summer’s day and they’ll be within easy picking reach. They also make great hanging basket plants.

Most importantly you should test your soil and make sure the plants you buy will survive. Your local garden centre will be able to advise you on this. To keep on top your patio remember to use a pressure washer to get rid of all the loose soil. By doing this your patio and garden will look brand new.

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