Harvesting Eggplant?

Melissa T asks: Harvesting Eggplant?
I have eggplants growing at a quick rate but have noticed the larger ones seem to have stalled. They grew to the size of a small baseball and haven’t gotten any larger in about a week. I have two plants and have noticed that on each plant there are two eggplants that are this size, but no larger. They are all firm, deep purple in color and the leaves look strong and green. No mold, powders or insect issues.
I have noticed this same thing with my Japanese Eggplant. They grow to about 4″ but are so thin that when we pick them you would need at least 10 to make somewhat of a veggie platter. We have tried leaving these eggplants on the plant to see if they will grow, but they eventually turn soft and brownish, so we have lost them.
Is there something I am doing wrong? They are growing in abundance, just very small. This is an organic garden and I am wondering if I should add something to help the veggies grow more.
Any advice will greatly help. Thank you all very, very much!
Oh, I forgot to add that I live in Southern California, water/mist every day about two hours before dark and only give a good soak every 2-3 days. The eggplants are planted near tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers.
Thank you all again for your advice. Without this board I wouldn’t have any vegetables at all!

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Answer by pea_nut_26
Sounds like they are lacking nutrients, a shot of organic fertilizer..

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