Help Your Garden Grow

Help Your Garden Grow

Not everyone has a natural green thumb and knows instinctively how to create a beautiful garden. With today’s sources of information about gardening, the knowledge you need is at your fingertips. There is lots of information out there about planting vegetables, herbs, flowering plants, annuals and perennials. Your local garden centre will provide you with great sources of information and help for your garden. Ask the experienced gardeners in your family or amongst your friends for help and advice. To get inspiration for the design and layout of your garden consider reading gardening books and magazines. Gardening shows will give you great ideas, tips and information about how to grow a green, healthy garden. See what works for your neighbours (and what doesn’t) and then make decisions about the types of plants to grow that you know can be successful in the soil and climate you have.

Spend some time planning out the design of your garden once you have some ideas down on paper. The design you choose will depend on your goals for the garden and what you plan to use it for. Think about what will grown in your climate easily when you determine your design. Don’t forget to consider the soil and drainage on your property. A good design plan is realistic, cost effective and flexible. Consider whether you will be redesigning your entire property or just a section. Do you need to use aggregates and stone? Do you need rocks, flagstones, sod or grass seed? Is mulch or soil necessary? Will your design require you to add a water feature like a pond or waterfall? Having a clear plan will allow you to cost out all aspects of the design and have a clear goal before you begin..

Budget is always an important consideration when undergoing any project. Before you decide the type of gardening job you want to tackle you need to set a realistic budget. Not only do you want to make a budget you also want to stick to it. Staying within budget may mean that you need to find materials on sale. Check weekly flyers for your local garden centres and purchase items that are on sale. You need to balance cost with purchasing healthy plants though because if you buy unhealthy plants it will be expensive to replace them. Unhealthy plants can spread diseases to the other plants in your garden which can cause you a lot of pain and headache. Balance your needs by keeping budget in check while also purchasing quality products..

Once you start looking for garden tips you will start to find them everywhere. Choosing plants that weeds hate is always a great idea that will help you cut down on the labour and maintenance needed to keep your garden weed free. Ground hugging plants naturally suppress weeds. Sometimes colourful plants are hard to maintain and grow so a great alternative is to use colour in other ways in your garden, such as through colourful planting boxes and pots. To keep your garden looking neat you can use border edging which will also keep invasive plants under control. You can keep your plants healthy by preparing them for dry spells by mixing water-strong granules into the top 10cm of soil. To make your lawn easier to maintain consider replacing part of it with hardwood decking, gravel or paving and then planting plants along the edges. There are numerous tips and advice out there to help you keep your garden healthy..

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