How can I correct my over-fertilized vegetable garden?

mike v asks: How can I correct my over-fertilized vegetable garden?
Thanks to everyone who responded to my first question regarding putting too much organic fertilizer on my vegetable garden before the seeds germinated.
Now what can I do? Are the seeds/soil beyond repair? Thanks.

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Answer by Pobept
not much do but to work the soil well, water keeping moist and plant a fall garden crop

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  1. Depending on what you have grown some will be OK. If some have germinated but look sad, eg lettuce, dig them up and put in pots until they are big enough to cope with your soil.

    Next year – or later this year depending on your climate – start your seeds off in pots and transplant. For root crops make a little trench, say 2 inches wide and deep and fill with potting compost or non fertilised soil and plant your seeds in the trench, by the time their roots get beyond the trench they will love your soil.

    Regards, Jim M in the UK

  2. you can try mixing some more dirt with the dirt thats been over might try raking out some of the old dirt wherver you can and go to home depot and buy bags of peat moss and potting soil and mixing them together and putting in with the old dirt or replacing as much of the over fertilized dirt with it as you can!

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