How do I start a vegetable garden?

Ian asks: How do I start a vegetable garden?
I’ve been wanting to start a vegetable garden for a while now, and I’ve decided to finally do it this year, due to the economy. My question is, where do I start? I’ve been researching it, and it seems really complicated. The extent of my experience of working in a garden is putting out grass seed. Any tips or links would be appreciated.

EDIT: I live near Dallas, Texas.

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Answer by candylvr1221
go to lowes or home depot and buy seeds

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  1. Okay first u need to make sure your place where u plantin is healthy (soil or dirt) and if its not then u can get mulch. After that dig little holes into the soil. Then if ur using seeds you just put the seeds in the hole then cover the holes up and spray/pour water where the hole is. And if u have the root of the vegges then dig a hole put the root in the hole and Surround the vegg with the soil or mulchh then spray/pour water on top of the vegg. And that should work.

  2. Sunset garden books are a good source of information on when to plant and what will do well in your area. Pick out what would be tasty and do well. Avoid planting stuff that is readily available and cheap locally.

    Bon appetit

  3. i am an old gardener he is what you do dig the lenth of your garden at least a spade deep and put in your wheel barrow and unload at the end of your garden so you have dug a strip of your vege garden put a good layer of manure in the trench you dug about 2 inches thick, then go back to were you started dig your spade in and throw onto your manure keep doing this till you get to the end of your patch and finaly put the soil in at the end the soil you moved when you started a good idea is to grow potatoes as your first crop this breaks your soil up for futer years i will come back in a couple of days to see if you understood TEDDY

  4. The easiest way to grow to veg is in raised beds

    you can use bricks, logs , kit form raised beds from garden centres

    try to have them 3m by 9m this will give you plenty of space to grow different crops

    line the bottom with a membrane to stop the weeds black plastic will do find but make sure it is not treated with any chemicals

    fill will a mixture of manure and compost/soil in the uk we use john innes no 5 which is ideal for veg

    a raised bed is easier to dig and helps keep the weeds down.

    The easiest veg to grow is squash, runner beans, marrow, broad beans and cabbage

    you can buy fleece its like a thin fabric that lets the light and water in but keeps the mice, squirrels and pest out to cover your young plants to stop them from being eaten.

    I start my veg off indoors in pots to give them a head start and as i live in the UK to have them ready when for the frost has finish

    An excellent book is RHS Grow Your Own Veg Book by carol klein although its English she has her own plant nursery and years of experience and it give information on growing and harvesting

    A good website is

    it gives advice on size of plot crop rotation and planting season

    good luck you will really enjoy growing your own and the difference in taste from the rubbish in the supermarkets in amazing.

  5. Well first you want to plot out where you want make it.Then you want to get a rototiller and chop up all the grass and weeds. Then you want to make long,straight rows with a little dip in the middle. You want to have your seeds picked out before you do all this. Then in the little ditch you want to plant the seeds and cover them back up with dirt. If you buy the plants already partially grown up, then you want to dig a whole in the ground and plant them and then put a cage around them until they are big enough to grow on there own. Since you live near dallas you will probably want to water them every day or when the soil is dry. You also will need to feed them every once in a while And you will also want to fertilize them to with stuff like chicken manure. You will also want to have your rows big enough to put the rototiller in between so you can dig up the weeds.

  6. Hi!

    On Hydroponics web store you can find a lot of tools and tips about gardening!

    Good luck!

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