How to kill flies in my vegetable garden?

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Michelle S asks: How to kill flies in my vegetable garden?
Its been raining the past few days and all of a sudden there are tons of flies in my vegetable garden! They don’t seem to be flying around the dog poop much, but more towards the vegetable garden. How do I get rid of the flies without damaging my vegies, preferably without using harmful chemicals?

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Answer by autumn
the flys won;t harm your veggies – just let them go away on their own. Maybe introduce some spiders to your garden (to eat them)

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  1. is there something dead laying back there, like a squirrel or dead rodent? I have never had flies in the garden except around poop or something dead.

  2. My guess is you used manure in your soil & that’s where the flies laid their eggs & completed their cycle in the ground. The rain just speeded up the process – they’ll fly away. In the meantime don’t add anymore manure, and be sure and remove any fallen fruits or veggies that will attract them.

  3. Buy a fly trap.They are plastic and you add water to them and it kills hundreds of them.We use them in the horse barn.We get them at tractor supply co.

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