How to make Flower garden?

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How to make Flower garden?

How to make Flower garden?

Flower gardening is a good part-time hobby. The beautiful and colorful flower garden in your backyard can give a beautiful appearance to your house. Flower gardening is not an easy thing. It is important to follow the flower gardening tips to plant a beautiful flower garden or you may end up in an ugly flower garden.

To start-up with your flower garden, you need to follow the basic gardening tips. Start with the selection of proper spot for your garden in your backyard.

Flower Gardening Tips:

Spot Selection:

When you have decided to plant a flower garden, it is important to select the proper place for your garden. If you don’t have enough space in your backyard, you can even plant a small flower garden in your balcony or kitchen in the containers and pots. Different flower plants have different sunlight and water requirements. Select the spot in your yard that receives sunlight for maximum time of the day and has good water supply.


Plant Selection:

Select the flower plants that have same water and food requirements. This will in proper growth of your garden plants. The plants that grow in lower light can be planted in the shady area in your garden and those with more light requirements can be planted in open space. Plant the tall-growing plants in the back of the garden and short growing plants at front side. This will give attractive look to your garden. Choose the plants with variety of flower colors. Make sure that you keep sufficient gaps between planting the seeds or all the plants will bloom at the same time.

Preparing the flower Bed:

Inspect the garden area. Remove the weeds from the garden area. You can either use herbicides to kill the weeds or simply remove it with hands. Dig the soil and add the organic compost to the soil to increase the nutrient contents in the soil. Sow the seeds about 2-3 inches deep in the soil. Water the area after sowing the seeds.

You can also add natural mulch to the soil while preparing the soil bed. This will prevent the growth of weeds in the soil and help in retaining the soil moisture. You can also cover the soil with dead leaves, tree barks, etc. to retain the soil moisture.

Watering and Plucking the Flowers:

Make sure that you water the plants daily. During summer, it is more important to take care of your flower plants. Check the pH of your soil. The soil pH affects the nutrients in the soil available for growth of plants. Most flowering plants require acidic pH of 6.0 to 6.5.

Cut the dead branches from the plant. This will encourage the plant growth. Pluck the flowers when they bloom completely.

The beautiful flower garden will maintain freshness in your surroundings. Implementing the useful gardening tips in your garden will make your gardening experience exciting and satisfying.

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