How to prevent cats from urinating on vegetable garden?

furthermore_82 asks: How to prevent cats from urinating on vegetable garden?
I just created a small vegetable garden on my property. I looked outside the other day by chance and noticed one of the neighbourhood cats had entered the garden and urinated on some of the tomato plants. I don’t want to be eating these vegetables that have been soaked or “flavoured” with cat urine. Any ideas on how to keep them out?

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Answer by BriarKat
Ask your neighbors to keep them inside their homes. Cats belong inside! They ruin property and kill native wildlife and are a nuisance (not their fault though!)

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  1. Take orange peels, chop them up, and sprinkle them in your garden. Also, cayenne or crushed red pepper would work. Cats hate the smell of both. Or, if you have a friend with a dog, have them collect some dog hair, and sprinkle that around. I would think a combination of the three would scare away the cats!

  2. You know, I found my neighbor’s cat squatting on one of my outdoor pots a week or two ago, and someone told me to throw some orange peel down in them. Grate some and give it a try.

  3. My mom used to sprinkle ground red pepper or black pepper around our garden.

  4. The cat sprayed your veggies as in marking it’s territory.

    The owners of the cat aren’t gonna keep a unaltered Tom cat in their house like one answer implies. They should however neuter their cat – that would stop him from Toming the neighborhood marking territory. You could mention this to them but they may not care.

    Cats are predators and in my experience human hair is somewhat effective and human urine is more effective at deterring predators unto your property. They say wow a really big predator has marked this area, I don’t think I want to meet this predator.

    It has been my experience that planting hot pepper plants among my veggies is useful in deterring prey animals such as rabbits and deer.

    Probably the very best thing that I have found to teach my own cats to not get on something (like a table or counter) is to take clear tape – like packing tape and make rolls (stick it to itself) and scatter them around the area I want them to stay off of. Have you ever seen a cat with tape on it’s feet? Well they hate it – and it doesn’t harm them – but this trick works on my cats. They are not allowed on any table or kitchen counter in my home – and that is how I reinforce that in my home.

  5. Go to the garden center . You can buy-I AM NOT JOKING!- dried coyote urine.You sprinkle it around the garden. The scent will keep the cats away. You’ll probably find other animal deterrent sprays at the garden shop-but I’ve heard the coyote urine works best. I admit though, I have not used it on my own garden. (The brand name is-again I am not joking- “Leg Up”)

    You can also get hair clippings from your local dog groomer and sprinkle that around.

  6. Sorry, but seriously I invested in an ultra high pitched siren – only costs pennies – and have had no problems at all

  7. Many of these things are old wives tales. We own a few cats. My brothers siamese used to spray on my moms roses. We tried everything from orange skins, to commercial cat deterrent sprays but nothing worked ( the poor cat, who was show material even got neutered) our vet said it had something to do with the ammonia in the fertilizer and the fact that cats are territorial and will spray to mark territory. What we found that really worked was making sure that the beds were always wet and then we wet the grass/ paving. stones around the beds. Cats hate their paws to be wet, my dad discovered that the cats detested citronella oil, so now we spray the area down with water and citronella oil. The oil doesnt wash away like other water based products and with the ground being wet the cat will soon leave the spot. IF YOU CATCH THE CAT AND U CAN WET IT EVEN BETTER. THEY SOON LEARN

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