i dont have a garden but i want to grow some stuff advice please?

ComputerGeek asks: i dont have a garden but i want to grow some stuff advice please?
because i dont have a garden ive just bought this grow bulb i want to know will it grow things like strawberries, pea pods, tomatoes that sort of thing

the light is HPS 400w low energy Grow light, i’m going to set it up in my unused garage its clean and theres plenty of space also it is heated so its not cold, i have big plastic boxes to plant them in and just bought some organic soil

the garage is the only option i have i don’t even have a driveway and the back yard doesnt get much sunlight i am surrounded by houses all i have is the garage and my house thats it.

will this light be powerful enough to grow plants ive mentioned also any growing advice you may have i.e how long should i give them light that sort of thing

if i cant grow the plants i mentioned what can i grow???? there must be something it is a grow light after all

i have heard of people having indoor gardens and indoor ponds believe it or not i do think this will be possible
huh marijuana, really?????? i thought they needed UV … never mind i want to do something different to most people ok i have no other choice other than to grow fruit n stuff in my garage but it is different to most people that grow what should be in the garden n i dont really have much space i’ve got steps up to my house and just past the steps is the street cant grow anything there ooo well this is something i want to try sounds like a cool experiment

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You can use any available space, I have put pepper and tomato plants along my walkway and along the front and side of the house. Just like planting flowers. You can grow just about anything. They also look great as decorative plants so it don’t look tacky or anything. I have seen people do this with a fall garden as well replanting the area with greens for a fall crop.

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  1. the light you bought is commonly used by marijuana growers, so i am pretty sure it will be bright enough for tomatoes. It is going to cost you a lot to run the thing – if you ran it 10 hours a day, it would use 4000 kwh which is about 40 cents a day in my area (10 cents per kwh) times 30 days is $ 12 a month, but really, you need to run it a bit more than 1o hours, so I would say $ 15 a month. given the fact it takes a few months to get a crop, you want to grow the highest value crops possible, or in the case of tomatoes, the home grown product is much better than a grocery store tomato.

    I would recommond lettuce for the areas at the periphery, because it does not need nearly so much light as tomatoes. Tomatoes are great, you can try pea pods, since they are a high value crop, herbs, I wouldn’t recommend strawberries because they are too cheap at the grocery store and you need to light them year round, since they are a perennial. A tomato plant needs only 4 to 5 months under the big light (you can start from seeds under a lower watt fluorescent light in the house).

    to supplement your lighting, consider adding skylights to your garage. It makes the garage so much nicer anyhow – my father did this and it is actually cheerful in there on a sunny day. You may be able to turn the light off for 4 hours a day if the skylights work out, which will make your plan more cost effective.

    i usually light my seedlings for 14 hours a day. You will probably have to do this because you want the plants to flower and produce produce.

    you will not save much if any money, due to the electricity costs, but it may well be worth it, because you will have better quality produce. you have to carefully select what you will grow.

    PS I use one of those lights in the winter for seasonal affective disorder, and it is so cheerful to sit near that light on a gloomy day. you will probably really enjoy it.

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