I want to start a vegetable garden and I want it to be Organic?

Andrea asks: I want to start a vegetable garden and I want it to be Organic?
What are the first steps to start an organic vegetable garden? I know it’s too early to start a garden but I want to be prepared for when it is time.

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dig over the ground to the depth of a spade, as soon as possible. spread fertiliser, ( animal , veg compost) when you have sown, or planted what you need. only use organic sprays if necessary, like vegetable oil mixed with garlic, to get rid of pests. Straw for mulch is good, seaweed liquid fertiliser also very good.Keep the weeds at bay. If you put out water for the birds and a little food, it will encourage them in your garden, and they will eat the snails and slugs etc. Good Luck!

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  1. Uummm…maybe you want to start a compost heap and order some organic seed.

  2. till the area and start reading, you are already getting behind for the season.

  3. get going soon….organic is the way to go….use dr. earth’s fertilizers, and organic soil and compost…….. i have had great success with them…. and work with your local nursery guy(gal). …. they are always willing to share their knowledge and experience……. they can guide you on your endevour………….GOOD LUCK!

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