Maintain a garden close to God

Maintain a garden close to God

Remember the garden of the famous story ‘the Selfish Giant’. A Giant had a beautiful garden with many trees that grew wonderful fruits. But no children were allowed to enter and play in the garden, or taste the fruits. At last, a child transformed the Giant’s mindset and he happened to be the God Himself.

Garden always has occupied a special place in the heart of every person. Whether a small one of twenty to fifty pots of plants or a big one with expansive lawn and orchards, statues and fountains. Adjacent to the house, the garden houses several sweet and significant memories of a person’s life. The newly wedded couple can spend hours in the garden and just be themselves. The toddler in the house is most safe and secured in the garden. The mother can make him sit on the lawn or he can have his initial stroll in the garden. In this way, he can be close to nature, breathe the purest air and have fun. The smile on his face is the true reflection of the purity of the surrounding he is in.

Besides the teenaged children can spend quality time with their friends, playing or watering the plants, doing some exercises or simply having some good time with the family. And your precious memories of your parents in their twilight days is that of spending time in the garden, enjoying the morning sun, having a cup of coffee together.


A beautiful garden is the dream of many people. Not everyone can afford to have a garden adjacent to his houses. Even if blessed with a garden some are oblivious of the fact is that the garden needs equal attention and care as any family member.

Taking care of your garden may not be very expensive but requires your attention and effort at regular intervals. If you are passionate, nothing is like it. Even if you are not, just grow some regular habits and you’ll be the proud owner of an ethereal garden.

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