My vegetable garden has yellow & brown leaves. Should I worry?

gunder44 asks: Vegetable garden has yellow or brown leaves, but the vegetables look great. Should I worry?
I have a vegetable garden and some of the leaves are turning yellow or brown. However, the vegetables on the plants look great and continue to grow. Is there anything I should do or worry about?
I have a vegetable garden with mostly tomatoes and peppers. Some of the leaves are turning yellow or brown. However, the vegetables on the plants look great and continue to grow. Is there anything I should do or worry about?

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Answer by Tutto Bene
Probably ok, try watering only at night and keep the water off the leafs during the day

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  1. where are you? how long are you into the growing season? It could be water, too much on the leaves and not enough getting to the roots, water on the leaves mixed with direct sunlight, the end of the growing period for some vegetables, and perhaps questions with fertilizer.

  2. Honestly, it all depends on what the vegetables are. But normally, yellow and brown leaves mean too much sun, or your plants are getting burnt. Are you watering during the day?? It’s way better to water at night, that way, your leaves won’t burn through. Try pruning the plants, do a google search on how to prune certain vegetables(if you already don’t know how), and start over. :o)

  3. Remember that when a plant is fruiting (veggie-ing in your case), it is putting most of it’s energy toward making seed/fruit. The plant itself will be more susceptible to signs of stress.

    Be sure that you are watering adequately, that you have provided adequate nutrient and that you are not being infested. Bugs can play havoc with the plant and leave the fruit alone sometimes.

    Since you’re growing veggies, it may be good to look into some insecticidal soap, like Safer, if you find aphids or mites, etc.

    Good Luck!

  4. You don’t mention what plants you are growing, so it is hard to say for sure. Try digging down about 4 inches next to one of your plants. (not to close or you will hurt the roots!) If the dirt there is still wet, don’t water until it isn’t any more. If it’s dry – watering time!

    Did you test the soil before planting? Your soil may be to acidic. Try using a little lime. (Not the fruit, garden lime.) This will decrease the acidity, and can help plants to take up calcium and iron.

    Do you feed your plants? If not, it’s time to start! You want to make sure that they are getting regular feedings to keep those plants happy and healthy!

    And how about light? Plants need lots of light – If they are getting to much, they usually tell you by wilting during the hottest part of the day. But they do need at the very least 8 hours of full sun.

    You can buy a garden meter – mine measures ph, moisture, fertility and light. I picked it up at a big box store for $ 11 and some change… Works wonders!

    Hope this helps! And remember, anything you try may take a few days to make a differance, so watch close and give it time! Happy gardening!

  5. Depending on the type of veg – often the leaves will go yellow/brown as the veg ripens and is ready to pick/dig up. The plant has put it’s energy into producing the veg and is at the end of it’s cycle.

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