Natural Root worm Remedies?

Tongue-fu asks: Natural Root worm Remedies?
This question is for a friend….
Rootworm has attacked the broccoli and some of the pea and bean plants in his garden. Does anyone know of an organic way of controling this pest? No chemicals please as animals have access to this garden.
Thanks for the advice.

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Answer by J.V.
Just about every small critter including bugs and little rodents hate this stuff and it works!!!

One tablespoon of Garlic powder per pint of water. Finer garlic powder is best since it dissolves the best. Put into a spray bottle shake for several minutes and then spray leaves add a drop of dish soap per pint will help the garlic adhere to the leaves and stay longer. After watering or a heavy rain apply more. If spray mechanism gets clogged consider putting a tiny piece of nylon (from old stockings) material over spray bottle straw as a strainer to keep out garlic powder. Tapping bottle bottom will also help to free any clogs but the nylon or screen material works best. Attach material with a small rubber band. Apply liberally and reapply after watering heavily or a heavy rain!

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