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bubbles asks: organic garden advice???
hi guy’s , i’ve started a veg patch in the back garden , which is coming on a treat, but as a newcomer to this i’m not sure what i should be doing now for next month?? etc
any advice on a site i can look at that might have a month by month calendar of what to be doing for that month ?? or any books i should get..
any advice would be welcomed ,
thanks , mia.

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Answer by rowanflower
‘Times online gardening’ and ‘grow your own’ are both good sites, they will send you a newsletter every month, with interesting articles telling you exactly what you should be doing in each area of the garden – including fruit and vegetables and organic gardening.

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101 Organic Gardening Tips

Times are changing, quickly and not for the better as one would hope. The weather doesn’t always cooperate. Sometimes it is cold when it should be hot and vice versa. Global warming is having a huge impact worldwide.

Bees are on the decline as are butterflies. Many native wildflowers are endangered. It is time for people to wake up and realize what many have already known, that chemicals are not the answer. This is not going to be easy as each person must be willing to unlearn what

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  1. try the sunset western garden book, it’s a *wonderful* book. you can buy it on amazon or any book store.

  2. An absolute must for organic gardening is “companion planting.” This is using things like flowers and ornamentals next to your veggies to attract good bugs and repel bad ones. Search “companion planting” online and get ready for some good reads. Things like black eyed susans, daisies, marigolds, golden rod, and mint just to name a few not only give off bad bug repellants but they also attract the bugs that kill the bad bugs.

    Also if its a small plot don’t hesitate to get out there and manually remove the bad bugs. I check the underside of each zuke, squash, and cuke leaf daily for squash bug eggs. Scrap em off with you nail and crunch them. Also look for their parents under stems and low leaves. They are what most people call stink bugs. You’ll know why after you crunch a few. Leave the corpses there as a warning to other bugs. Definetly do yourself the favor of looking up images of these pests (squash bugs, vine borers) both with level a plant in no time.

    Stay ahead of molds and mildews by spraying a 10% milk and 90% water mixture on your plants. Once powdery mildew hits it over. So you have to strike first. Also don’t water midday, but do water when the plants will have a chance to dry off before sundown, or early in the morning if your schedule permits. Many people will tell you its best not to wet your leaves, but if you don’t your friendly bugs are going to have to fly off somewhere else to get a drink.

    Also always remember one of the greatest assets you can give your organic garden is strong soil fortified with natural fertilizers. Miracle Grow is not organic!

    Good luck! Organic is hard work. But it’s so worth it, and will give you a great sense of accomplishment knowing you suceeded!

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