question about miracle grow organic gardening soil?

leitharenea asks: question about miracle grow organic gardening soil?
I have a container garden that I planted a couple of weeks ago. I bought this miracle grow orgain gardening soil to use when tranplanting my plants from the store containers into mine. I was replanting more plants eariler today and when I was about to open a new bag of soil, I notice it says on the back “not for use in container”. The directions say mix with native soil. My plants are looking great. I’ve got veggies and herbs planted. Am I going to kill them if I leave them this way or do I need to repot them? Please help!!!!!!!!

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Answer by ranger_co_1_75
I have used miracle grow in my pots for years. I find the plants do better with miracle than any other potting soil I have used.

Your plants will be fine.

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  1. not for containers will hold water and could cause root rot ,, just check soil moister and don’t over water

  2. do not use garden soils for container planting. Those types of soils can become compact around the roots of the plants.

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