Rabbit problem in the garden…safe solutions?

mom tree asks: Rabbit problem in the garden…safe solutions?
We live within city limits so shooting them is nto an option and fencing is not in budget…I have heard that putting tobacco around the garden will deter the little critters and I was wondering if anyonr might have “humane” and non toxic (organic veggie garden) ways to keep them out.
The main problem is that there are no preditory animals (cats) and they are not very fearful.
Thank you for any advice.

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Answer by Miss Vida
Check this website out. It is for Californians, but might have some ideas. It is peer-reviewed and from the University of California, Davis, so all the ideas really will work.


http://ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7447.html <-- rabbit specific portion

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  1. Well I have always been told to plant marigolds around the garden to keep rabbits away. Also I have heard if you take tim pie pans and tie them to a stick with a string so that they can move and flop in the wind the sound keeps them away as does the shiney metal.

  2. Fence does not have to be expensive. Just use rebars and chickenwire. I think rebars are $ 1 something depending on the length. But, heck you could just use some sturdy sticks you collect and the chicken wire. I can’t remember how much the chickenwire costs, but, it’s really cheap.

  3. We live in town, and rabbits are a big problem here, but i use tin pie pans throughout the garden, and it scares them, along with birds away from the garden, also i have a fence around the garden that cost about $ 8 for 25 feet from the local hardware store, and i use just random poles to fasten the fence to. Also a good gardening cat helps too, my cat lays under my rhubarb throughout the day lol..

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