Seedlings in the wind?

Lisa asks: Seedlings in the wind?
I am conditioning my seedlings and it is a very warm day so I put them outside before going to work. Now its really windy, are the in trouble! I’m anxious they are. In addition since putting them outside during the day they have become lighter green, what does this mean? This is my first vegetable garden and I’ve read and read and read and still feel confused. So in addition if any organic farmers have any advice please let me know.

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Answer by Joanne A. W
It is a wait and see situation if you are still at work. Let’s hope they did not blow away. Next time put them in a sheltered area or put them outside an hour at a time in the morning or afternoon when you get home.

Remember… can always start over. The first thing a gardener has to learn is to throw away and to start over.

Happy gardening to you, sweetie.

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