Succulent Plants Gardening – How To Take Care Of 5 Most Common Succulent Plants

Succulent Plants Gardening – How To Take Care Of 5 Most Common Succulent Plants

Succulent plants are quite different from the other normal garden plants. Their special feature is that they can adapt well to arid weather conditions and have fleshy water-storing tissues that also act as water-reservoirs. These are the only type of plants that can withstand the effects of a hot weather without much attention, unlike their many other normal counterparts. Owing to their uniqueness, the gardening tips for succulent plants differ considerably from others and mainly focus on fertilization, water retention and deriving advantage from natural or created shades.

Some other garden plants with similar drought resistant features are as follows:

Aloe Vera – This beautiful plant is counted amongst the best natural herbs due to its medicinal properties like healing wounds and skin burns effectively. Aloe Vera normally has a tendency to grow quite large and hence should be planted in a place that can accommodate it conveniently and provide enough room for growth as well.

Spoon Jade – This tree shaped plant is mainly grown indoors and has thick, spoon like bright or dark green leaves. This variety of succulent plant, popularly known as horseshoe jade can be kept small sized and when put in a container, it can give a bonsai type accent. One essential piece of advise for all forms of succulent plants is that they should be grown in containers and moved indoors when the low temperatures become quite intolerable for them to bear.

Chickens and Hens – These are also popularly known as hens and dogs. The specialty of these succulents is that they are spreading in nature and grow out of their mother plants to roll away and gain prominence in the garden.

Moss Rose – These are endlessly flowering variety of succulents that can be used to beautify hanging containers, borders of the succulent gardens or the patio containers. They can easily survive harsh direct sunlight and require minimal water or care.

Dragon’s Blood – this variety of the succulent plants grows with thick, dropping branches and is extremely red in color. Its hue adds great visual value to a succulent garden and is also great to look at when kept in hanging baskets or containers.

Gardening tips for succulent plants mainly involves the rooting procedure. It is advisable to take a clipping around four to six inches in length and inserting the cut end slowly into the sandy and soft type of soil. To catalyze their growth one can also pick up rooting hormones or compounds and add them to the soil. One must also take care that succulents are not extensively watered. They should be watered only to the extent of moistening the soil and never soaking wet.

You must also constantly keep looking for more gardening tips for succulent plants on internet, gardening stores or through your gardening friends. It will help you to utilize their specialty to your advantage and resultantly derive a much better look for your garden.

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