Three Factors To Consider When Choosing Garden Lights

Three Factors To Consider When Choosing Garden Lights

Anyone who would pass by a house with a front lawn that is mainly just covered with Bermuda grass might not really appreciate the overall beauty of the real estate property. On the other hand, a house that features a lush garden full of blossoming flowers will instantly captivate the attention of passersby. A garden definitely adds a touch of elegance to any house.

For anyone who has a small garden in front of his home, it’s nice to take some time to make it more beautiful. Gardening is a great hobby. One can work hard to make his home really stand out from his neighbors’ houses through improving not just the architecture of his house but also the improvements there is on his property. A garden is one such improvement on one’s property which can really add not just a touch of beauty to the property but will also have an impact on its market value, therefore increasing its selling price in case the homeowner decides to sell his property.

A garden is bound to be the frontline of attraction of one’s home because passersby can easily marvel at its beauty. However, this is basically only true in the morning when the sun shines on the garden. When the sun sets, the garden becomes just a part of the darkness of the night. It is for this reason that any homeowner with a garden on his front lawn should purchase garden lights for the garden.

People mostly appreciate what they can see. A beautiful garden might be reduced to nothing but just an ordinary part of a real estate property at night when it is not visible to passersby. However, garden lights can help maintain the beauty that a garden has by illuminating it so that passersby can still see and appreciate the garden even at night.

There are basically three important factors one should consider when choosing garden lights to purchase to put in their garden.

The first factor is the location where one plans to put them. There are gardens which are quite very big especially if the front lawn is very spacious. In this case, garden lights can be placed on strategic locations to keep a well distributed illumination on the garden. Exterior floodlights are great for such a purpose. These can be placed on the ground with enough spacing between them in order to give them full coverage of the spacious garden. There are times when a garden is close to a wall. For this one, a set of exterior wall lights is appropriate to illuminate the entire garden. This will not only keep the garden well lighted but will also introduce a calming effect as the exterior wall lights complement the wall that is near the garden.

Aside from the strategic location, another important factor that will help in choosing garden lights is the intended coverage of the lights. Exterior floodlights generally have smaller areas that they can illuminate. However, the good thing about this are the areas it keeps lighted has a very strong concentration of light which can give a nice focusing effect. The light that becomes dimmer away from the focal point of the exterior floodlights adds a touch of magnificence to the overall aura of the garden. In contrast, exterior wall lights can illuminate a wider area especially if they are placed high enough above the ground. While a single exterior wall light may lack in light intensity on the area it keeps illuminated, they can be utilised together to solve this problem.

Finally, the cost is important in choosing garden lights. This is actually a toss up between exterior floodlights and exterior wall lights. The former needs to be placed in strategic locations in quite a big number to compensate for their lack of illumination coverage. On the other hand, the latter must compensate for its less light intensity by having a lot of them installed on walls near the garden.

In any case, either exterior wall lights or exterior floodlights are great to provide proper illumination to one’s garden at night. These garden lights are definitely worth the money one pays for them.

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