Tomato Planting Tips That Lead To Healthy Tomato Plants

Tomato Planting Tips That Lead To Healthy Tomato Plants

You can’t use ‘magic’ to gain healthy tomato plants. You need time, patience, and hard work to ensure that you’re able to give your plants the right tomato plant care and make them live longer and healthier so they can give you juicy fruits. Below are several gardening tips and tricks, specifically tomato planting tips that, when followed, will make you feel like an expert gardener, not to mention, enable you to have ripe and juicy tomatoes on your dining table:

If you’re a first timer when it comes to planting tomato seeds, you have to keep in mind that you should not crowd the seeds if you wish for them to grow into healthy tomato plants. If the seeds are planted too close to each other, their growth will be thwarted and may even cause them to die early, or worse, not even develop leaves. Planting them a few inches away from each other is part of effective gardening tips and tricks. Included in tomato plant care instructions is also for you to transplant the little plants e.g. ones that sprout 2 – 4 leaves for them not to fight over nutrients, water, and sunlight.

One of the tomato planting tips to be followed is also to prepare good soil and compost prior to planting. Adding in some fertilizer, to be specific, one of organic variety is also highly recommended if you desire healthy tomato plants. When purchasing fertilizers, make sure to read the instructions and follow them to the letter so as not to burn or kill the roots.

Proper tomato plant care also means making certain that your plants receive a sufficient amount of light, either from the sun or from artificial lighting (grow lights). If you have an outdoor garden, then, you won’t have sunlight shortage problems, except in winter. For gardeners who have their plants indoors, fluorescent grow lights will surely do the trick, as long as the young plants are left under the grow lighting for more than 10 hours.

Other tomato planting tips that help bring about healthy tomato plants also include: watering the plants regularly e.g. on a weekly basis; seeing to it that the soil is moist and NOT wet; getting rid of aphids or white flies as they can really damage your plants; among others. These are just some of the most effective tomato plant care techniques that you should perform if you wish to have juicy and sweet tomatoes on your table.

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