Top Gardens of Canada

Top Gardens of Canada

Winter will soon be over and once again we will witness how Canada blooms in to spring. And what’s the best way to celebrate spring than visiting Canada’s colorful gardens. Watch in awe as beautiful colored flora’s brings life to Canada, welcoming spring and saying goodbye to winter. It’s a perfect must visit destination for spring!

Celebrate spring with the best gardens of Canada, take your pick!


One of the world’s largest and the most visited Botanical Garden is located in Montreal Quebec with over 22,000 plant species. It has over 185 acres of thematic gardens and 10 exhibited greenhouses. The theme gardens compromise of Chinese, Japanese, French, Alpine, Poisonous Plant Garden and the First Nations Garden to name a few. Millions of visitors paved their way to visit this famous botanical garden every year. It aims to educate the public about horticulture, serves as a botanical research center and to conserve endangered plant species.


Considered as the best Japanese themed garden of North America, this beautiful garden is showcase through a tranquil, peaceful environment. Japanese love for landscape is all over the place. Visiting the garden is like visiting Japan for real, Kyoto in particular. It features famous tea house, bridge, bell tower, lanterns or any other Japanese traditional symbols which are flown and hand crafted from Kyoto. The numerous Japanese floras and plants which include the famous Sakura Trees or Cherry Blossoms attract millions of visitors every year. It’s like visiting Japan, sans the plane ticket of course.  Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden is the best place to unwind and rejuvenate from a stressful weekdays.


This historical landmark serves as the top garden destination of Victoria British Columbia. It has more than 55 acres of beautiful landscape opened all year round providing everyone with various choice of floral display. The garden provides every visitor with a captivating experience from a morning tea to an afternoon walk at the Rose Garden. Its wide variety of floral gardens is an instant hit to every spectator visiting the area. It also serves as a great event venue perfect for parties, weddings and private celebrations. A must visit destination in Victoria!


Kingsbrae is a beautiful horticulture garden of St. Andrews with unique French like set up making it perfect for spending lazy Sundays and afternoon tea.  It also serves as an educational structure with it’s wide variety of plants and flora in a 27 acre land. It has more than 50,000 plant species  and great features like a Dutch windmill, ponds, sculptures and various animals.  Visitors can explore the garden through a motorized golf cart tour followed by a light meal at the Garden Café, while children will definitely enjoy the Fantasy themed Garden. It’s a family-friendly destination you don’t want to miss!


This wonderful Nova Scotian paradise is a perfect center for flora exhibits and horticulture study. It’s themed gardens features a story of Nova Scotia settlement like the Governor’s garden, Victorian garden, Pine Forest, La Maison and the Innovative Garden. One of it’s main attraction is the Rose collection with more than 230 variety. It’s a rose paradise!The garden also host many special events like Wine Evenings and workshops like floral photography and gardening. Watch Nova Scotia blooms with this remarkable garden.

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