Useful Pointers For Your Vegetable Garden

Useful Pointers For Your Vegetable Garden

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Take a walk through your local grocery store and you will be shocked at the price of organic produce these days. So it’s no wonder that more people like yourself are deciding to till up the ground in their yard, and grow their own. Not only will you save loads of money but if you can get a large enough harvest you can also sell some, or give them away to friends.

Tip no. 1 is if you’re using organic fertilizer (manure) then you should use a soil test kit to check the soil ph for acidity. If you find that your soil is acidic, (below ph 6) then you will have to pick up a large bag of dolomite (lawn lime) to work into your soil to “sweeten” it. Don’t worry though, because dolomite is basically chalk that’s been dug from the earth.

Your second gardening pointer is to learn about and give careful consideration to installing a drip irrigation system in your garden. Now the first big benefit of these systems is that they don’t flood the soil. Rather the water soaks in gradually. This is turn prevents the oxygen from being forced out, and also leads to more even nutrient distribution.

Tip no. 3 is to give consideration to starting as many of your plants early in cups that you can. This gives them a good head start and strong healthy, young plant is far more resistant to insects. Set up a small outdoor green house, and use quality potting soil. Or, even better yet, is to use a grow light, and timer to start them indoors. Do make sure to cook your soil in the oven first though to kill bug eggs, and larva.

Your fourth hot pointer is to do your best to avoid exotic vegetable species when buying your seeds online. With so many being offered for sale now, it’s just so easy to do because they can look delicious in the ads. The problem though, is that some of them can be a bit finicky to grow, and some do require a certain climate.

Your fifth tip is if you’re limited for space and hoping to see as much as you possibly can get come out of a small plot of land then use a nice high quality mulching product. Now peat-moss works great because it’s cellular in its makeup, but it can be a bit costly. Just the same though, if you can afford it, your soil will be nice and fluffy for many seasons.

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