What can I do so that my organic garden grows faster?

HotHipsOfShakira asks: What can I do so that my organic garden grows faster?
I am growing an organic garden for school, and we are supposed to add something to our organic garden to make the plants grow faster. I am already using organic fertalizer and compost, everyone is. Thanks!
More sun won’t work… all of the gardens are at school in the same place

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Answer by alladrm
More sun might do the trick.

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  1. keep the soil loose. oxygen helps the roots grow. don’t cultivate to deep. if you have red worms by you, put a few in there.

  2. Worm castings are an excellent fertilizer, and you can’t really use too much of it. I have worm barrells so my worms make castings for me, and every week I drain the fluid from the bottom of my worm barrels of this stinky brown fluid and I take that around the garden adding a little to each of my potted plants or pouring it at the base of plants in the ground. Since I started doing this I can’t beleive how happy my plants are.

  3. Adding worms to the dirt would make a great difference. Also, it needs lot of heat to grow. Perhaps a heat lamp would help? Place your plant pot on a sheet of foil and set it under an ordinary lamp or heat lamp whichever is availble to you keep it in a room temp of about 90, with the soil moist at all times.

  4. I agree – worm castings are great

    I also use a manure tea – it makes a lighter fertilizer that your plants can utilize quickly – and you can use almost any kind of manure – even green manure. Put a shovel full into a burlap bag and drop it in a trash can. then fill the can with water. I use a plastic coffee can to dip it into my watering can – if it looks too dark (depending on the kind of manure you use) you can fill the watering can half way and cut it again with water. Do this every week or so depending on how close to harvest you are (tapering off nearer to harvest time)

  5. Foliar feeding (spraying the leaves of the plants) with a dried kelp product, such as maxi-crop, or fish emulsion (Neptune’s harvest is the least stinky of all the fish emulsions) will get you some quick growth organically. I use a mix of both on my crops especially in the late winter/early spring before the soil wakes up and also whenever the crops look lees than thriving,

    i know you can get fish emulsion products at almost any hardware store, finding powdered kelp is harder and i have only gotten it through on-line sources

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