What plants need to planted next to each other in order to thrive?

Lisa asks: What plants in a vegetable garden need to planted next to each other in order to thrive? Or does it matter?
I was given a plot layout years ago for a vegetable garden but of course I’ve missed placed it. I remember being told that you can’t plant potatoes and onions together. Now I’m worried that I’m going to fail before I even really begin.

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Answer by Henry W
it is about what nutrient that plants need, and what it may give.
peanuts give Nitrogen (the bacteria on the root actually)
banana needs plenty of potassium,
carbohydrate means need plenty of sun.
colorful one needs micro nutrients, eg: Fe, Mg, ect

other thing: if the root goes deep under ground, it doesn’t affected with something that grow on the surface.

if something wrong, just put some manure. it’ll helps a lot.

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  1. just don’t plant potatoes and onions together. Otherwise, just try to group plants together that grow similarly. Tomatoes and squash grow about the same, and beans and corn will grow in the same of conditions. As long as you aren’t crowding drastically different species together, you’ll do just fine. Ideally, melons, squash, beans, should be in the same part of the garden. Greens, lettuce, turnips, brussel sprouts, beets, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower can be close to each other. Potatoes can have their own individual section as can onions.

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