What soil is best for a natural, organic vegetable garden?

Peter H asks: What soil is best for a natural, organic vegetable garden?
What soil mixture is best for a natural, organic vegetable garden?
I want to grow:

Should I use a mixture of peat moss and composted sheep manure?

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Do you plan to put the peat moss and sheep manure in a bucket and plant the veggies in there? Or did you wish to mix in the p.m. and sh. manure INTO YOUR EXISTING soil??

Big difference.

If you will be doing the latter, I suggest that you use a rather small amount first off – manure is HOT STUFF and too strong for a garden in its infancy. Peat moss is not toxic to plants.

Depending on where you live, you may be too late for peas. Get a gardening book and find out what “Garden Zone” you are in and follow the advice they give. The books are SO helpful.

And start a compost pile. I have four compost piles that are in different stages of decomposition and over the years i have amended my soil with compost, until I tell people you could EAT my garden’s soil, it is so good and rich.

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  1. Use a good garden loam, amended with compost – the composted sheep manure is a good start, but I’d combine it with other composts to get a a good blend of nutrients. Also mix in some vermiculite to keep the soil light and fluffy and help it retain water. I’d skip the peat moss – it doesn’t add anything nutritionally, it can wick the water out of the soil, and if it forms a completely dry crust on the surface it’s very hard to re-wet it. Carrots like a slightly sandier soil than the other things you’ve mentioned, so either dig a deeper bed for them or put them in a deep container with a soil that contains more sand or vermiculite than the rest of the garden.

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