When beginning a Vegetable Garden, what are good vegetable to begin with?

Kas asks: When beginning a Vegetable Garden, what are good vegetable to begin with?
I am getting ready to start on my first vegetable garden. This season I am just preparing the soil for planting season next year and planning my garden. I was wondering what vegetables are easiest for beginners, or what vegetables grow well together. I am trying to start in on this slowly and deliberatly so that I am not in over my head.

Thanks in advance for you help!

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  1. I started with tomatoes. They grow themselves, that’s how easy it is. They love sunshine, and all you have to do is water them once in a while and enjoy the fruits of your labour 🙂

    Also, they come back every year, and you can even grow them in a pot, put them on a balcony, bring them in during the winter, etc. They thrive everywhere! They’re also attractive plants to look at, and smell wonderful.

    Check out this link that lists the top 10 easiest to grow veggies: (carrot, cucumber, green beans, sweet peppers…)

  2. When I first started gardening, I started with the seed packs that were set up for children. I figured that if they would be extra reliable and trouble free.

    Other than that, grow vegetables that you like. You can experiment with heirloom varieties in the future once you have been through a growing season. If you are not after a large amount of vegetables, look at square foot gardening. It is kind of old, but it cuts down a lot on work.

  3. Tomatoes take alot of water and need some degree of pesticide. Cucumbers are easy and fun because they grow so quickly – any pumpkin is good but takes a while. Peas – snow peas are really easy as well plus taste fabulous. Sunflowers are good, so is corn – the amount of sun and rain you receive has some bearing.

  4. I started my 6 X 12 garden veggie bed four years ago. it has produced wonderfull, organic veggies for me and my family.

    I have brought in rich compost, than over the year, I have added kitchen left overs from tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells. I collect them in a bucket and than haul them to my garden bed. In fall I enrich with compost or leaves from my compost bin.

    Veggies that grow good are following.
    1. tomatoes
    2. squash / zuchini’s
    3. was lucky with salads
    4. German white radish

    this year I am trying
    1. mixed lettuces
    2. spinach
    3. radishes
    4. fennel
    5. spring onions
    6. garlic
    7. zuchini
    8. peas
    9. pole beans
    10. bush beans
    11. cucumbers and
    12. melons
    13. pumpkins.

    Good luck. I will try celery this year and rhubarb

  5. — Tomatoes grow like weeds
    — Peppers are pretty easy if you have long warm summers
    — If you like green beans, then they are worth growing and are very easy. They have the advantage that they enrich the soil where you grow them.
    — If you have a wall or a trellis and can keep them well watered, try cucumbers.
    — If you live in a cooler climate, you can try lettuce and radishes, but they grow bitter if the summer is hot.
    — Don’t forget to grow some herbs for flavoring, such as basil, mint, oregano, and thyme, which are all very easy.

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