Where Can I Start A Vegetable Garden?

back_rider5 asks: Where Can I Start A Vegetable Garden?
I wanted to start my very own vegetable garden. I have good soil, some organic fertilizer, enough water and a small garden space and containers. But the problem is sunlight. In our backyard, there is a big mango tree and a banana plant. I only had a small space, so limited sunlight is received, most plants in my garden receive less than 6 hours. What could be the best solution? Can I start a garden on our roof?

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Answer by Veronica’s Mommy
there are alot of plants that don’t require to mush space.. green beans, lettuce, radishes,
don’t to vegetables that grow viney, like zucchini, watermelon, squash…. because they will take over what little space you have… as long as they are getting a good amount of sunlight they should be OK… as long as you don’t over water.

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  1. Hi, you could try some vegetables and fruit which don’t need full sunlight and are quite happy growing in shaded places: lettuce, carrots and strawberries spring to mind immediately. Strawberries are often grown in orchards, so more than happy with dappled sunlight, and during the hot summer, lettuce actually PREFERS shaded areas.

    As for other possible areas to grow veg, what about containers? Am sure you have some windowsill space which catches more sun, and there are quite a number of miniature veg (including cauliflowers, lettuce, and short-rooted carrot varieties) which can be grown on windowsill or plantpots. Herbs are another obvious choice.

    If you have some wall space in your backyard which gets more sun, you could also try growing veg in containers against the walls, eg tomatoes, runner beans, pumpkins, grapes, cucumbers.

    Or pop some hanging baskets up outside your door or sunny window and grow cherry tomatoes (Tumbling Tom is a good choice) and even peas. Another brilliant option are the upside-down tomato planters, which you could also hang on a sunny wall – they can be used to grow not just tomatoes, but also cucumbers, peppers and aubergines (I think!).

    Good Luck – am sure once you start, you’ll find plenty more possibles!

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