Why Having A Garden Can Benefit You?

Why Having A Garden Can Benefit You?

A Garden in Every Residence

Every place should have a garden. Why I said this so? I believe that every family should maintain a place in their place where they can bond together to enjoy family moments. It is also in this enclosure where parents can give their children their first lessons in business, creativity and love for earth: Gardening.

A garden can be anything to people. A garden can be one plant in a tin can or a whole acre of lawn and flowers, a container or a flower bed, a front yard or a back yard. It can be a green space filled with flowers and vegetation. However, a garden can’t be one without energy and love for earth. You cannot build a garden without a sense of industry and creativity.

The Advantages of Having Your Own Garden

One plus you can get when maintaining a garden in your home is that it can identify your place from the others in the neighborhood. Passers-by will be able to recognize your residence as the one of the nicest spot in the block’. Joggers would stop for a time to smell your flowers and admire your garden. People would even ask you for some flowers. Isn’t it a compliment? I feel happiness inside when I give people flowers which I raise from my garden and to see them appreciate it.

By having your own garden, you are indeed enjoying the health benefits that gardening brings. Gardening is both an engaging fun activity and an inherent form of exercise. Many people take up gardening as a hobby, but others take it as a way to stay healthy and sane.

The tasks in gardening such as composting, digging, shoveling, pruning, weeding, mowing the lawn, and watering the plants are quite physically involved. Doing such amount of work at your garden is equal to exercising at the gym. These garden activities can assist you lose weight, build muscles and improve your wellbeing.

Get Your Kids to Love Gardening


Gardening is a great way to get your kids involved in regular exercise. It is one way to make them go outside to the garden and stay active and in form while enjoying exercise. Use gardening as an chance to show your kids how flowers bloom and how plants grow and produce fruits and vegetables. Assign them tasks to teach them the values of industry, creativity, and care for the environment. A garden is an area where your kids can play too.

More Health Benefits

Gardening also does much for your health. It exposes you to natural and healthy oxygen, free from free radicals and pollution. Oxygen benefits you in a number of ways like disease prevention, healthy cell production, and respiratory betterment. Gardening also exposes me to healthy sunlight, which is also essential to health.

Emotional Fulfillment from Having Your Garden

I feel stress relief when I am at my garden taking great care of my plants. I get a wonderful feeling of self-fulfillment when I see my orchids bloom and my produce ripen. I get time to smell my flowers and crops, and appreciate what nature has done. I value the work of my hands. I revalue it more when I get to cook my vegetables and ready the fruits at the table for my family and friends. Who wouldn’t be pleased of their own efforts?

A well-maintained garden can be a great spot for rest and leisure, for rejuvenation and loosening. It is where you can feel a piece of mind and relief from everyday stress.

Garden Problems

At some incidents, I have encountered a variety of problems in my garden: Pests, stray animals, weather disturbances, and untimely human disturbance. It is really a great deal of activity when you repair your garden.

Certain pests and bugs can destroy your flowers and other plants. The only method I can imagine to remove them is a plain defogging method. I just burned some old leaves and grass near the affected flora so the fumes can terminate the pests. To protect my plants from stray animals and human interference, I create barriers, same to fences, of different sizes.

The storms did my garden varying degrees of damage. Some of my plants do crumble to the ground, leaving my garden cluttered of leaves, sorts of stuff, and crops that are not mature yet. Best I can do is to clean up and fix the damages.

Garden Maintenance

Gardening can be wearing sometimes, but it never gets boring if you are creative. It is always exciting to try out contrasting ideas for your garden project. Nonetheless, if your garden project requires assistance, I advise you pay for a reliable garden service to support you attains your vision of your ideal garden. Your garden should be full of charm, a place for your comfort and serenity.

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