You Can Write a Gardening E-book & Sell it Online

You Can Write a Gardening E-book & Sell it Online

The Internet has had an enormous impact on the way in which information about gardening and horticulture is being published with more and more information being made available in the form of downloadable e-books. Let us look at why you should consider writing and selling your own gardening e-book.

If you have a good knowledge of gardening and you can write book providing helpful information to readers, then publishing it as an e-book is a great way to go. Electronic books or, e-books have changed the publishing world.

The Advantage of Gardening E-books

there are several advantages with e-books. If you write gardening e-book you can get it published far easier and in much less time than for a traditional print book.

Once you have created your gardening e-book once, you can easily copy and email it to your customers, or have them download it immediately following payment. That means almost zero costs for production, storage, and shipping. In other words, your gardening e-book will be a highly profitable product to sell.

Don’t forget that many people search for information online before even go anywhere near a bookstore. A few of the common gardening topics that people search for online include growing flowers, growing vegetables, growing herbs, organic gardening, trees and sustainable living.

How Much Do E-book Authors Make.

Some e-book authors make just a few extra dollars per month. Others make hundreds of thousands of dollars with a single e-book launch. Whether or not you can achieve that with your gardening e-book will depend upon many factors but one thing to keep in mind is that as an e-book author you will get to put more from each sale into your own pocket.

By comparison, readers readily spend around $ 25 for traditional gardening books such as, New Illustrated Guide to Gardening and The Complete Vegetable & Herb Gardener. But gardening e-books have good ticket prices too. Consider Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual that sells at Click Bank for $ 24.

Many traditional book authors only earn a dollar or two for each paperback book that sells, but with e-books you will normally pocket 80% to 90% of the cover price for every copy sold.

Plus an e-book business is open 24 hours. As long as your web site is up, customers from around the world in any time zone can visit your store and make a purchase.

What Makes a Gardening E-book Sell.

Your gardening e-book will sell if it is well-written, if it is helpful to your target audience, and if you promote it effectively.

Be sure to know your target audience and provide information about gardening that is clear, concise and answers real questions that people want answers to.

And remember that your target audience is not limited to flower gardeners, it could also be vegetable gardeners and herb gardeners.

Ultimately sales of your gardening e-book will depend upon you actively and relentlessly promoting it. Use articles. Use advertising. Use a blog or newsletter. Do not let up and you will see sales of your e-book grow.

In closing, a couple of questions. Would you like to be recognized as an expert on gardening and horticulture. Would you like to be able to tell people that you are a published author.

You can take the first step today by deciding to write and sell your own bestselling gardening e-book.

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