1st time starting a garden. Any advice? What vegetable are easiest to grow?

~*Momma of a baby girl*~ asks: 1st time starting a garden. Any advice? What vegetable are easiest to grow?
My husband and I are starting a vegetable garden. Is now the time to do it (March)? Should we be growing our seeds indoors now? What vegetables are best to grow when you are first starting out?

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  1. Squash, cucumbers, carrots, peppers (pretty much all of them), cantaloupes, watermelons, and many other gourds. I also like zuchini and they are fairly easy to keep alive.

  2. Till the soil about 8-10 inches deep mix in some compost if you have it if not some composted cow manure till it all up together with a granular fertilizer for vegetables.You can start seeds anytime but for some things if you want an early harvest buy quality plants.You can plant from now to end of May for regular harvest.Whichever has last frost your area.Radishes,Lettuce,carrots sow directly in gourd very shallow.Tomatoes,pole beans,cucumbers,squash,Peppers very easy to grow you will need rows or hills,depending on what you plant.Have fun and enjoy your garden there are no errors,it is all a learning experience,take note of what did well and where it was planted.Most gardens and herbs need at least 6 hours of sun daily.You can grow any herb in a 12 inch pot and have abundance crop.Get a good book and follow the instructions to start with,library has many.Happy Gardening !

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