Advice about garden compost bins please?

mad asks: Advice about garden compost bins please?
Before I buy one, can anyone tell me if they work or not, or give any tips on using one successfully, please?

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Answer by Dee Cee
Yes they do work. Put any compostable material in them. Don’t put too much grass in though, it won’t work properly. Leaves, potato peelings, weeds, flowers, put them in. Just leave it for a few months and it will rot down good enough to dig in the garden.

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  1. Yes, they work – but so does throwing the stuff in a heap. If you turn it, it will “cook” faster, but even if you simply drop everything on the pile, you will still get compost…it’ll just take a little longer.

  2. Yes, they work really well.
    For best results site it on soil or grass so the worms can get into it. Put in all your uncooked vegetable and fruit kitchen waste, tea bags, coffee grinds, all your garden waste, old flowers, clippings, leaves and grass, (this is green waste) then add ripped up cardboard such as egg boxes and cereal boxesand shredded paper, (this is brown waste) and a bucket full of water every couple of weeks, (don’t make it too wet but neither does it want to be too dry).
    As long as you have a balance of green, brown and wet then this will be a good combination to produce decent compost.
    Have fun.

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