Gardening and Weed Killing?

Sakura_Blossom asks: Gardening and Weed Killing?
I am a volunteer for a cultural center and help run the Teen Committee. We teens want to beautify the center by gardening flowers. We plan to buy flats of flowers and plant them in May, but we also need to weed and clean this month. How should we weed? We only have one day to weed, but we want to use weed killer so that our weeding will last. Any tips? Any advice about weeding, gardening, the best type of fertilizer or weed killer, saving money, etc. will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance! ^_^ It’s for a good cause!

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Answer by michelle g
Well, if you only have one day to weed then you want to be as thorough as possible. Some weed killers, unfortunately will have some residual (this means will stay in the soil for a period). I recommend the old fashioned pull method to rid the weeds. Always pull from the base of the weed to get the whole root out of the ground. If you have a large grassy area try using a rototiller and then raking out the weeds and grass from the tilled area. Then use a product like Preen. This type of product is a germination prohibitive (this stops seeds from sprouting), and since you plan to use live plants it will not do any damage. As a matter of fact some of these products even have a fertilizer in it. Also if bunnys or deer in your area believe that you are planting them their own personal buffet, try a fertilizer called Melorginite. Its a granular type that provides a good spring start for plants and stinks just enough to keep away the critters.
Good luck.

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