Gardening Question about planting/fertilizing?

BJK asks: Gardening Question about planting/fertilizing?
I recently began keeping a compost pile but I was wondering if I could start growing different things without the homemade fertilizer for example could I just get some dirt from my backyard (not the topsoil) and put apple seeds into that?
I don’t think I can use my fertilizer yet because it is still slimy and smelly which I learned that I need to add more carbon to and I have been adding a lot of shredded paper to it will simply adding the shredded paper help it balance out the nitrogen and carbon levels?
Any other gardening advice/tips would be appreciated.

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Answer by stephshelium
Make sure you are turning your compost regularly. Sifting it will help mix it in and compost better.

As for planting the apple seeds. You should be able to take some good, rich dirt from your yard. Just dig down a little so it’s not too sandy and dusty. Avoid clay mixtures which can become hard. Keep it moist and continue.

Hope that helps!
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