Going to plant a garden,advice on what to plant?

commanderx777 asks: Going to plant a garden,advice on what to plant?
I’m going to plant/start a garden,I have quite a bit of room and would just like to get the opinions of others on what I should try growing? I thought growing my own veggies would save money and be fresher than buying at a store.I recently moved to the Pacific northwest (high desert of Oregon) what kinds of veggies are easy to grow,or would you grow? Thanks 🙂

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Answer by Marc G
Zucchinis are really easy to grow. Tomatoes are fun too. Corn is pretty hard to grow, but it tastes great when you are successful.

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  1. I would try the easiest tomatoes, beans,eggplant,okra these seem to grow well anywhere, you could grow sweet corn in blocks,small rows because corn will pollinate better this way.
    I have had better luck buying tomatoes already in pots and then transplanting these you need good soil.
    cucumbers are easy to grow plant these in a hill and I plant bush beans in small rows close together I avoid the climbing type too much work. also i like to plant yellow squash.
    try planting turnips or lettuce in late summer along with green onions,
    Good Luck and have fun

  2. Grow what you and your family like to eat. Is there any point in growing broccoli if you prefer cauliflower? Do you need to grow kohlrabi if your family prefers kale? If you would rather eat peas why grow beans?
    Regardless of how much room you have available, use it to your best advantage to grow what your family likes. If I had 100 acres to use for growing my families food I would still grow what we like to eat, maybe a few varieties we haven’t tried just so we could try them, but mostly what we know will be eaten. I would continue to grow sweet corn, peas, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, pepper, squash, watermelon, sweet potatoes and okra. Those are what I (and my family) like to eat.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  3. honestly i know nothing about ur area… hope i can help anyways, i am in oklahoma, only have had 1 garden before and the easiest things to grow for me from seeds o course were tomatoes, carrots, radishes, bell peppers and jalepenos, and i agree with you on the saving money part, expecially if u grow them from seeds, this year i am doing aseeds stared indoors on most things, i never have had much luck transplanting things tho 🙁 good luck with ur gaden i wish u many many many yummy veggies!!!!!

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