Need advice or tips on growing spinach in my garden?

twyant7 asks: Need advice or tips on growing spinach in my garden?
I am growing spinach in my garden this year for the first time and iis growing good but the leaves are all discolored and I dont why? Are’nt they supposed to be green? When can I harvest them and when I do, do I just pull off leaves to use or do I use the whole bunch???? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated as I have no idea!

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Answer by Queen of the Dust Mites
You didn’t provide your agricultural zone (if you are in the US).
Are the leaf spots from sunscald?
Spinach is a cool weather vegetable and in the northern hemisphere it really isn’t spinach season in many zones right now. When you harvest you pick the leaves. Since you don’t want to decimate a plant to eat… should grow many plants at one time.

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  1. As mentioned they will not do well at all and eventually die or bolt to seed in the summer..Here in Northwest Florida we don’t even put our spinach out untill late December…To harvest you pull the outer leaves as you need not pull the whole plant…

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