Small garden advice for a total beginer? UK?

Daisyhill asks: Small garden advice for a total beginer? UK?
I have a garden for the first time…it is only about 50 by 50 feet but is totally bare…just a lawn and empty borders all around….what can I put in now that is cheap, easy and will give a good show in the Summer…I cannot spend a lot and so shrubs and things are out of the question…..

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Answer by kevin friend
Seeds are your answer, read the packets for the instructions, put the higher growing seeds at the back and ground cover seeds at the front, get a couple of packets every week with your weekly supermarket shop and you wont even notice you have purchased them, some seeds will even self seed at the end of the season so you can collect them up or leave them to self seed for next year.
you will still need to obtain some garden tools though but car boot season is just starting so try there before buying new stuff

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  1. what you can do is go to B&Q there seed packets are really cheap (40p) and some compose (1.50) and grow your own, marigolds are so easy to grow and are cheap and gives loads of colour, geranium seeds are also a good buy, sometimes b&q sell really cheap reduced shrubs for about 50p and are also good value they normally only need watering, or go to bootfairs as they also do cheap plants but go just as they are ‘packing up’ and get them at give-away prices,

  2. I would say grow quick annuals from seed for this year and take your time to plan what you would like for permanent planting.

    There are lots of lovely things that you can sow directly into the borders and will flower through the summer for you.

    Your could try, cosmos, multi headed sunflowers that do not grow as tall as your house, nicotiana, calendula, the list is almost endless.

    You could also grow some perennials from seed so that by next year they would be established and you would not have to spend quite so much on stocking up on permanent planting.

    Good luck.;term=thompson+and+morgan&gclid=CJ-12ubmtpICFRIB1QodtjrJQw

  3. You could grow some flowers from seed ,but better still you could grow some vegetables ,and believe it or not you could almost achieve self sufficiency by careful planning .Silverbeet or swiss chard is easy from seed ,and just by just plucking the outside leaves will quickly regrow.Salad mixes such as mesculun are quick and easy to grow.A few zuchinni plants ,(<60 days from seed ).Theres a huge choice .

  4. Check out ebay for excellent deals on multi seed packets, I got some great bargains for my dad after his shed and greenhouse were burnt down and he lost all his seeds. You could also check out shops that sell plug plants after a few days they reduce their old stock and most of the little plants reduced only need a drink and some tlc.

  5. For shrubs etc. there are seeds that you can virtually pick up from the street; easy to grow are:
    – acer trees
    – taxus trees (poisonous)

    Then there are shrubs that are really easy to grow from cuttings your friends, neighbours or relatives could give you – just put a twig in the ground, and they’ll root, for example:

    forsythia (slightly poisonous)
    some roses

    for groundcover:

    all sorts of succulents: sempervivum, sedum, etc.

    – geranium

    There are much more plants that grow easily from cuttings – jus ask around – it takes longer that way, but it is for free! Even cheaper than seeds.

  6. try and plant some seed for the first year to try out your garden, also go to car boot sales , it is possible to find cheap plants there , but as you have only a small garden don’t buy any shrubs that will grow to big, better to have a nice variety.
    once you have the feel of your garden you will have many happy hours in it .
    good luck

  7. The flowers you can grow will depend on the type of soil. If you find that seeds are not growing, your soil is probably not right for that particular flower. Daffodils tend to grow in any soil and you can buy all types of daffodil bulbs very cheaply from supermarkets and garden stores. Muscari (miniature hyacinths) grow well in most soil. Pansies also do well in most soil.

    When you buy your bulbs or seeds (which are very cheap these days) have a look on the packet at what it says about soil. Then go for ones that best describe your soil. Have a look at when they recommend planting and go for ones that say they flower in the summer.

    Lastly, cross your fingers for some sunny weather and make sure you water regularly. : )

  8. In addition to planting seeds you might ask some of your gardening friends for divisions of some of their perennials and shrubs or even some of their old or unneeded seeds.

  9. Put an advert in the local shop saying you can give a home to unwanted shrubs – people throw out lovely stuff when landscaping their garden. Also ask friends and relatives, gardeners like to share. Go to school fetes etc, there is usually a plant stall that sells stuff cheap.

    Seeds are cheap so that’s your best bet. Easy seeds are marigolds, sunflowers (good height), and california poppies, any seed really that you can sow direct into the ground are quite reliable. If you can afford it buy green plants that will spread and/or seed, like hardy geraniums, lady’s mantle, pansies etc.

    If you live near Kettering England I will gladly pass some stuff on to you.

    Lastly – look for casualties in shops – they often sell shrubs cheap – for example if someone forgot to water them, I bought a £15 hydrangea for £3 last week.

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