What do you think makes for a successful garden? Any advice?

by buck82

justcuriouslikegeorge asks: What do you think makes for a successful garden? Any advice?

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Answer by bullticky
A lot of hard work.

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  1. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that drainage is critical. The key thing is to take a look at what makes up your soil content and make sure that there’s plenty of drainage away from the roots of the plants you choose. You can accomplish this by digging up your topsoil and mixing in sand and gravel.

    Secondly, use fertilizer and lawn food, but don’t overdo it. The key thing here is to make sure you use fertilizer sparingly, and always water your garden soon after.

    Thirdly, consult the specialists at plant nurseries by telling them about your garden – how much sun it gets, how much water, how much wind. Do you have kids, animals etc. I have planted a lot of things that I thought would look great but did;t survive one season because I failed to follow this advice.

    After 3 years, my garden is finally taking shape and I hope this advice helps you.

  2. make sure the plants are all native, meaning they come from the US. If they come from other countries, they will destroy your garden. Always plant native plants

  3. Lots of sweat and hard work. The soil is the most important thing to consider. Check with your local extension office for information on soil conditions and plantings for your zone.
    Also a lot of planning. Whether the garden is to be in the sun or shade, the position of nearby trees and buldings, what time of the day they receive the most/least sunlight.
    And above all, PATIENCE! Perrienals take at least 3 years to establish themselves. But are worth it!

  4. Plants
    Bug spray
    Most of all love of gardening. It’s not for everyone and sometimes you can buy your veggies just as cheap and certainly with a lot less work at a vegetable market but for us old Gardner there is nothing better than holding that first sun ripened tomato in your hand.

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