Would like some Advice on raised veggie garden beds?

Connie S asks: Would like some Advice on raised veggie garden beds?
I was thinking of creating some 3ft by 5ft raised beds, but don’t know how tall to make the beds. I was planning on using 2×6’s or 2×8 boards, or should they be made higher? Just to go to the 2×8’s instead of the 2×6’s, increases the lumber price to almost double. Thanks, and any advice would be appreciated. I’m trying to make my ugly veggie garden look better and more controlled.

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Answer by onedrin
I had mine built with 2×6 but I had them made 4ft x 6ft. I have used them now for 5 years and love gardening this way. I have more control over the weeds and I don’t seem to get as many pests. But my favorite part about these beds is the fact that I can actually plant at least one month before everyone else does because if I watch the weather report I know if I need to go out and cover the beds with plastic over night. These beds protect your seedlings from the wind too. I keep sheets of plastic like a paint drop cloth rolled up at the end of each bed if I need to cover I just pull the plastic over the bed and secure it with dirt or rocks. I doubt I will ever garden any other way again.
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  1. I not sure what your age is or your physical condition but it does seem the budget is an issue.
    If this is an on going garden and you want to continue it for years to come. I suggest using some 4 x 4 post to elevate the planter to lessen the strain on your back. Use cedar instead of pressure treated lumber as it has chemicals in it. Raising the garden not only makes it easy for your back but can also promote family, community, and friendship involvement because tit is less labour intensive.
    Below the raised garden is the Storage area for all the materials you and friends require for your new garden design.
    We are not getting any younger, so height and space help us deal with these issues.
    Often raise gardens require 12-16 inches of planting medium to produce a good yield. So 12″ x 12′ CEDAR IS THE BEST!

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